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Elevator Forum 2020: Program & Registration Form
9:30 to 10:00

Welcoming and start of the event

10:05 to 10:40
New modernisation concept for car- and landing doors  
Presenter: Peter Will, Head of Product Management, MEILLER Lift Doors

10:40 to 10:55

10:55 to 11:35
MPK411 – the reliable processor for the use of Safety encoder system
Lars Kollmorgen, Managing Director, Kollmorgen Steuerungstechnik GmbH

11:35 to 11:50

11:50 to 12:25
Online Configuration Tool
Presenter: Harald Giehl, Managing Director, ALGI

12:25 to 12:40

12:40 to 13:30
Danfoss Drives
Values for Elevator market and efficient control of hydraulic lifts
Presenter: Michael Müller, Head of Cranes and Lifts, Danfoss

13:30 to 13:45

13:45 to 14:35
Elevators. BIM. Automation. From R&D to BIM
Presenter: Andreas Fleischmann, CEO DigiPara AG

End of the event
Elevator Forum 2020: Registration Form
Conditions of participation
Attendance at the event is free of charge. As places are limited, the organiser reserves the right to select the guests. We will initially collate all registrations and will contact you in due course.

If you complete our registration form with your contact details, we will use these details to send you any requested product information, etc. The partners and exhibitors at the event will also receive these details.

Contact person for inquiries:

Pascal Rohde
Phone +49 (221) 8985 78
Secure your seat at one of our Elevator Forums in 2020!

 October 28th, 2020 (Wed.) | Eltville (GER)

 Unfortunately, I can not attend any of the events.
 Please send additional information material.
 Please have a responsible employee contact me.
 Please have a responsible employee visit me.
 I am not interested, please delete me from the mailing list.

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